Infrastructure Services


As organizations continue to grow, their mission systems and the underlying supporting infrastructure becomes more complex. There is a constant need to consolidate infrastructure resources and deploy them in a targeted manner to maximize mission system support and cost savings.


SAS Solutions’s Infrastructure Services focuses on building and managing highly available, reliable IT infrastructure to enable our clients’ to meet their dynamic mission needs.

SAS Solutions’s Infrastructure Services offering is based on the principle of maximizing usage through consolidation, flexibility and scalability through on-demand provisioning, and lowering IT costs by thru resource allocation, when and to the extent needed. We has the capability to design, architect and implement enterprise infrastructure platforms based on industry best practices that provide a highly available and reliable data center solutions.


  1. Cloud Computing — Our cloud consulting expertise includes deployment of all types of cloud platforms, including hybrid clouds. Drawing upon our own cloud-enabled Enterprise Transformation Fabric with prebuilt cloud solution components and those of our cloud partners, we will help choose the best cloud technologies and map out a strategy for clients that will enhance utilization of IT infrastructure. We help drive cost savings through the delivery of flexible, secure and federal compliant cloud-based mission critical applications.

  2. DevOps — Our DevOps support enables federal agencies to target product delivery, quality testing, feature development and maintenance releases in order to improve reliability, security, faster development, and deployment cycles by adopting Agile Development and Continuous Integration characteristics.

  3. Establishing an enterprise wide DevOps toolkit
  4. Automating tasks & processes
  5. Adopting continuous integration and continuous delivery processes
  6. Implementing DevOps best practices
  7. Creating and sustaining a culture of collaboration
  8. Continuous Monitoring — We provide clients with capabilities and tools that identify cybersecurity risks on an ongoing basis, prioritize risks based on potential impacts, and enable cybersecurity personnel to mitigate issues in the order of significance. Our Continuous Monitoring services leverage industry-standard technologies and tools to empower organizations with the ability to proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities in Internet-facing devices within the DMZ, cloud-based environments, and web applications before attackers breach them. It brings a new proactive approach to vulnerability management, empowering customers to continuously monitor mission-critical assets throughout their perimeter and immediately get alerted to anomalies that could expose them to cyber attacks.

Client Engagements

Our team is currently or in the past has provided Infrastructure Solutions services at the following companies:

  • Loblaw Companies Limited – Brampton/Toronto Downtown
  • Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee – Mississauga
  • Samuel Son & Co. – Mississauga
  • BlueCat Networks – North York
  • Malton Employment Agency – Mississauga
  • Employment Registration Office – ERO – Mississauga
  • Malton Placement – Mississauga
  • Mascot Employment Agency – Mississauga


Our team has extensive expertise in the following tools and technologies:

  • Cloud Computing – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Elastic Cloud, HP, IBM
  • Virtualization – VMWare, Redhat RHEV, Zen
  • DevOps – Puppet, Chef, Selenium, Hudson, Maven, Bamboo
  • Cyber Security – Symantec, Intel Security, Microsoft End Point Protection